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» Skincare acne skin and everything note for Acne Treatment


Skincare acne skin and everything note for Acne Treatment

Acne is a problem that many women are most interested. Acne causes many problems for aesthetics, sometimes you may many difficulties in life and work. There are many questions that acne skin cares how to treat effectively. Queen spa & Spa in Danang shares with you skincare steps and note for skin acne. If you are interested in this topic, do not forget to follow the article below.

What you need to know when taking acne skin care.

Before you start doing acne care and acne treatment you need to know what is the cause of acne? To find the most complete solution to recover.

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Skin care for acne skin

Skin acne is sensitive a lot, just change in weather or eats fast food also make your skin is bad. So, remember that the skincare steps are material. If possible you should reduce most skin care products as possible and just follow the simple 6 steps

skin care for acne skin
skin care for acne skin

Makeup removers clean make-up, excess oil, dirt accumulated on the skin

Why is this step important? Queen spa realized that the first has beautiful skin you need to be clean. You don’t makeup, you can skip this step. If you use sunscreen or makeup products, choose products below. Note that you should use the type of remover for sensitive skin. The Queen spa offers you good quality products:

  • Drugstore: Biore (5$) Simple (7.5$) Nivea (6$) Garnier (8$).
  • Medium price: Bioderma (33$), La Roche-Posay (23$), Avene (22$).
  • High end: Darphin (44$), Dior (44$), Decléor (55$), Orlando (45$).

Wash your face with cleanser

If you think that cleansing is cleansing your skin, you can skip the cleansing step. However, you know, makeup removers only remove makeup and some parts of substances such as excess oil, dirt. To thoroughly clean the skin, you need to perform this stage. You only need to wash your face for 30 – 40s only. Queen spa offers you some cleaning products suitable for acne skin:

  • High end: Avène (30k/300ml Murad Clarifying 45ml (13$k/45ml), Murad CLARIFYING CLEANSER 45ml (13$/45ml).
  • Drugstore: Acne (2.5$/100g), Cetaphil (7.5$/150ml), Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash (14$/250ml).
  • Medium price: ISIS (13.5$/200ml), La Roche (19$/400ml) , Neutrogena All in 1 Acne Control Daily Scrub .(12.5$/125ml),Clean Face Acne The Face Shop (13$/150ml), Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Wash Gel .(140$k/177ml)
  • High end: Avène (30k/300ml Murad Clarifying 45ml (13$k/45ml), Murad CLARIFYING CLEANSER 45ml (13$/45ml).

Using toner for balance pH, soothe, and provide essential nutrients using

After the 2 step cleansing, the next step you need to use the toner. Toner makes balancing the skin, soothing the skin, providing moisture, etc… Queen spa recommends good products:

  • Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner 32$/250ml.
    Thayers Cucumber witch Hazel Toner 17$/355ml.
    La Roche-Posay Lotion Apaisante 23$.
    Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner 11$.
    Lush Tea Tree Water giá 17$/250g.

Take acne treatment product

Depending on your skin type, skin type, you will use products to treat acne. If the condition is severe, you should use the medicine prescribed by your doctor. Remember to find out and go to the clinic safe and prestigious.

take acne treatment product
take acne treatment product

Moisturizes and provides essential nutrients according to skin needs

Mistakes that, skin acne, oily skin should not be moisturizing. Moisturizers play an important role as they help provide skin nutrients, protect the membrane and soothe the inflammation. In addition, the skin of the oil is caused by imbalance, when the water in the skin is not enough, they will excrete themselves to the skin to need. So depending on the skin condition that adds moisture to the skin otherwise, the skin will get worse. Queen spa offers you the following products:

  • Vichy Normaderm 26$/50ml.
  • Murad Skin perfecting lotion 51$/50ml.
  • Simple ultra-light gel moisturizer 15$.
  • The Body Shop Vitamin C 32$.
  • Vichy Normaderm Nuit Night detox 17$/40ml.

Protect skin from the sun

If you are exposed to the sun, use sunscreen for sensitive skin. You should use sunscreen for sunscreen SPF 25 – 40, do not use too high SPF can cause skin sensitivity.

protect skin from the sun
protect skin from the sun

Notes for acne skin

  • Do not touch on the face especially pressing on the acne.
  • Use the right kind of treatment.
  • Do not squeeze indiscriminately.

Be careful with facial products: eyeglasses, face wipes, pillows, masks or even telephones.

  • Attention to living conditions, living conditions, and diet.