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Welcome to Danang Queen Spa
With architectural design of modern style and with the natural material that formed the space of Queen Spa. Such as maattresses are made from natural rubber, upholstery and embroidered towels for your use is made from 100% natural cotton

Use warm bamboo to activate the crystal effect on the body, create a interactive area of the body with the electric to create a feeling of comfort and the best body toxins, muscle in the direction effects deep, helps prevent disorders and relieve the pain muscles, bamboo massage technique combined with oil or lotion on the body effect can reduce stroke, increase the blood circulation. Suitable for those who prefer medium to strong massage

For beauty sublimation regular facials regularly would strengthen renewable natural skin against external attacks, such as the sun, from environmental pollution, air conditioning. The effect of the face massage is to help blood circulation and makes the skin better breathing, easily absorbed nutrients, slowing the aging process; help for healthy skin becomes bright, smooth and firm.
Foot massage makes the circulation and blood flow to the heart occurs easier. Relax in comfort when sitting or lying down to massage your feet as well as at rest. This is the moment for meditation completely relax physically and mentally. In addition, moves from gentle massage to acupuncture points to push hard, combined with hot water immersion ... also very good. This helps to relax the foot, just soft skin, not dry, cracked skin.
White bath body helps blood circulation, energy consumption and promote consumption of excess fat, help you lose weight effectively and prevent obesity and other waste steam but hidden under the skin toxins out according to the sweat glands, increase cell renewal to bring you new body skin bright pink and smooth. Help your body produce white blood cells and cells to fight bacteria, germs and infectious diseases.
Waxing can bleach short root hairs from 1.5cm to 2 cm, and reduces the supply of nutrients to the hair germ causes more sparse hair will grow back, softer, lighter colors. Waxing can be done on many skin even the most sensitive skin without causing side effects. 
A long and curved lashes will add more points to the eyes, creating an important landmark for the face ... However, not everyone is born with a beautiful lashes to be proud coy wink, want beautiful just eyelash extensions. Today, with the rapid development and technological diversity of beauty makes women must face many difficult choices.

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