Gold mask - The hottest beauty trend

Gold mask – The hottest beauty trend

Gold mask is one of the most beautiful skin mask today. Beauty is just show the luxury, the beauty of the ladies love. So the mask is really good or not? Or just the words, please with  Queen Spa – Spa in Da Nang learn more in this article you nhé.

Gold mask
Gold mask

The general mask of 24K gold

This mask is unlike ordinary sheet mask, which is small rectangular leaves. For use, you should apply the gold leaf on the face, use about 3-4 leaves of gold, the average price: 30$ – 40$ for a box of 20 leaves.

The ingredients of the mask include glycoprotein, hyaluronic acid, etc. That makes nourishes, moisturizes and protect skin.

However, on the market appear many gold mask leaves is the unknown origin. If you want to buy this product should learn and choose the prestige brands.

the general mask of 24k gold
the general mask of 24k gold


Gold is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which slow down the aging process for skin. According to the Dermatologist – Joshua Zeichner in the USA, he claims that gold is proven to brighten the skin and reduce freckles.



When applied to the skin, the ingredients in the gold mask are absorbed into the skin where they immediately start to form a protective layer against free radicals. They would argue that the formulas make skin cooler and feeling soft not like using a clay mask. When the mask is dry it turns into a finely powdered texture. The morning after applying this mask, your skin will be soft and resilient.

However, there are other opinions, they think that this type of mask is expensive but not effective and doesn’t difference after used. This mask least the sheet mask. A few of them are allergic when they put gold leaves on their face. Maybe part of the reason is that they buy the bad quality gold leaves and unknown origin or allergy ingredients in there.

Note that this type of gold mask is very susceptible to sticky, note that you need to stick the gold on the skin then take out the paper.

Do not forget to choose face massage to own a beautiful face, healthy you.


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