Head Massage Techniques to treat a headache effectively

Head Massage Techniques to treat a headache effectively

Head massage is known to be an effective way to cure headaches and other headaches. The head massage techniques help to treat headaches is used by many people because of their convenience and quickly obtain the immediate effect. Discover with the Queen Spa & Massage Danang the effective massage steps in the below.

Head Massage Techniques
Head Massage Techniques

1. Causes of headaches

A headache is the most common disease, everyone used to it. For ordinary people, headaches only appear immediately and quickly pass. But if you get chronic and frequent, then you need to have headache treatment right away as it will have a huge impact on your future health.

A chronic headache is caused by many causes, the most common cause is the stressful life that causes you to feel stressed. This lead to the inability of blood to supply enough oxygen to the brain, causing the nerves to contract. Does this situation. In addition, there are other possible causes such as:

  • Due to the flu.
  • Weather change.
  • Diet, daily activities are not good.
  • Use a variety of stimulants such as alcohol, beer, alcohol.
  • The hormone in the body changes.
  • Overactivity.

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2. Head Massage Techniques for treating headache effectively

Massage the top part of the head

massage the top part of the head
massage the top part of the head
  • The first step of this head massage techniques, you should use a warm towel, put on the head for 2-3 minutes to relax.
  • Then use 10 fingers to gently press and then pull to the back of the head. This technique works to stimulate the nerves that secrete an analgesic hormone to help you improve your headache right away.
  • After that, you place your hands overlap, put your palms on your head and rub the head from front to back for 2-3 minutes.
  • Next, you use 10 fingertips threaded into the hair, massage the head by moving the fingers in a circular motion, gently

Massage the forehead, temples

massage the forehead, temples
massage the forehead, temples
  • You apply your palms together, then pat your forehead. Then place your hands down on the left side and gently press.
  • You use the fingertips placed in the temples area, lightly press and spin and then pull the middle of the forehead

Massage the neck, jaw, nape and back of the head to help treat headaches

massage the neck
massage the neck
  • You apply the palm of your hand to your neck, then gently massage the claw over the jaw and pull up the ear about 20 times.
  • Then put 10 fingers on the nape of the head massage gently and then use 10 fingers to pull up the top of the head.

3. Things to note when suffering from headaches

 things to note when suffering from headaches
things to note when suffering from headaches
  • You should balance your time off with work time.
  • Change the habits, the rational lifestyle: exercise every day, diet rational and limit the stimulating drinks.
  • If your headache gets worse or worse, go to the clinic for the earliest possible diagnosis and treatment.

Head Massage Techniques will help treat a headache is not new but not everyone knows the techniques in the massage to increase efficiency. If you want to cure chronic headaches or simply want to relax from the stresses of life, come to the Queen Spa for advice and experience the best massage services in Da Nang,…

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