Method alloy steering assist you own beautiful skin

Micro needling: The perfect remedy for your skin

Roller method is one of the treatments for skin problems such as skin pigmentation, acne, dark circles, scars, pitted scars …. effective. Now you do not have to use expensive methods such as laser firing, even skin rejuvenation surgery … but still have the ability to own a beautiful skin.

Micro needling
Micro needling

overview of rolling method:

Micro needling is a popular method that brings perfect results for skin so famous women use the method such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, etc. Another advantage, compared the cost of micro are not expensive, so many people prefer this method of beauty. With Queen spa Danang discover the micro needing!

What is the skin needling?

Among the earliest proponents was Michael Pistor, the French doctor who is credited with having developed mesotherapy in 1952. In the 1990s, Montreal plastic surgeon Andre Camirand, MD, experimented with using tattoo guns without ink to treat postsurgical scars. South African plastic surgeon Des Fernandes, MD, founder of the Environ™ skin care range, introduced skin needling using a roller for treating vertical perioral wrinkles at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) congress in Taipei in 1996.
At present, micro needling is an effective skin treatment. Use a method to product stimulates collagen by more than 30% and treats skin problems such as freckles, acne, keloids, aging skin.

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what is the skin needling
what is the skin needling

The excellent uses of micro-needling

Experts recognize benefits for the skin. Such as:
– Reduce acne, pores
– Effective in the treatment of scars.
– Treatment of freckles.
– Anti-aging
Depending on your skin condition, you will be advised by the doctor about this method

The process of the skin needling

The process takes about 45 minutes. Before rolling, you will apply anesthetic for about 30 minutes and then roll on the face. While rolling, you will no feel. Completion, your skin really irritation. But you don’t touch the skin and should be cleaned because the skin may be infected. If the next time you are accustomed to the needle roll on the skin, then you may not use the anesthetic to increase efficiency. Usually with a rolling process usually lasts from 3 to 6 times lasting about 3 – 1 years depending on your skin condition.
Rolled metal products are about 0.25 – 3 mm long. With a shorter needle less than 0.5mm, it does not cause much skin damage, irritation and irritation recreate the skin, increasing surface circulation, helping the skin absorb nutrients deeper. Therefore, after using you should add active skin care such as vitamin C, retinoids.

the process of the skin needling
the process of the skin needling

The needle is about 1mm longer – 2.5ml, which is able to regenerate deeper skin but is also more prone to infection. With this needle tip, you should go to prestigious aesthetic clinics, do not do at home because it is likely to have side effects and complications after the needle roller such as bacterial skin infections, dermatitis, Deep wounds, prematurely aging skin. After rolling, you should use products to soothe the skin, anti-inflammatory, clean skin to clean from infection. If possible, you should stay home for a week to get out because the skin may be affected by environmental factors, especially dust.

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Possible consequences when using micro needling

possible consequences when using micro needling
possible consequences when using micro needling

Skin Infections: Many cases of infection, acne, skin by improper and non-hygienic. In addition, many types of micro needing are cheap quality.
Reuse of needle also contains a risk: reuse several times, making needles tips are not sharp before will expose the risk of infection. There is a risk of HIV / AIDS because it is not properly disinfected.
The aesthetic facility is not good: In addition to rolling expertise affects the effectiveness of the process, some chemicals after rolling like needles like vitamin C, stem cells, collagen, the unknown origin can cause the skin of patients with allergies, swelling, redness. Treatment is not easy. “You should understand the basics before implementing this procedure.
The potential for home use: You can complete at home. But first, the Queen spa recommends that you go to the beauty clinic to feel the skin’s rolling force and know what products to use after rolling the needle. You need to pay attention if you roll too light, the skin will become dull, not effective. If too strong, the skin is highly inflamed.

Come to Queen Spa – Spa DaNang to get advice on the issues related to this method nhe.

Queen spa hope you success with this method of beauty!