9 tips to burn fat effectively only 45 minutes per day

9 tips to burn fat effectively only 45 minutes per day

You spend 45 minutes of exercise on most days of the week, but the calories balance do not fall down as you expect them. Modern life does not allow you to spend more time achieving the goals you set. Queen spa in Da Nang shared 9 tips to help burn fat, do not forget to follow the article below!

9 exercises to help you burn fat fast in 45 minutes

Jumping rope

Each day you spend 5 to 10 minutes jumping rope. On average, 10 minutes a day you will lose 450 calories (100 to 120 times per minute), which takes 30 minutes to run on new machines. This is successful at fat loss know their body well
Practice good jumping rope for the body as it will help you to work out the coordination of the body, especially the hands and feet. In addition, jumping rope helps bring oxygen better so it improves cardiovascular, pulmonary and blood circulation enhance.
Some other benefits jumping rope: osteoporosis prevention, help increase height, reduce stress …

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Tabata jumps squat

tabata jumps squat
tabata jumps squat

You will perform squat within 20 seconds and jump as high as you can. Note when jumping legs and body stretch. Performs continuous 5 minutes.
High-intensity Tabata jumps squat movements help to the leg and improve your condition. With 5 minutes of exercise, you can lose 13.4 calories in 1 minute.

Cycling on the slopes

According to one study, when you ride on a sloping road, your calorie intake will be 50% less than you would on a flat road.

Limit rest time

To burn calories effectively you should not take too long, try to rest between the exercises from 30 to 60s breathe slowly, evenly and deeply. And relax during that time.

limit rest time
limit rest time

Pair up with an inspirational partner

Exercising with someone better than you can bring out your calorie-scorching best. In one study, researchers from Kansas State University found that people who exercised with a partner they thought were a little fitter and stronger than they were increased their workout time and intensity by as much as 200%.

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Skip the basic exercises

When your body is accustomed to the basic exercises, you should change the set of more advanced exercises or increase the intensity of these exercises.

Wear more weight on your arms or legs

People with higher birth weight will burn more calories. As a way to burn calories faster, research shows that if added in the amount for your exercise, can increase calorie intake by 7-13%.

wear more weight on your arms or legs
wear more weight on your arms or legs

Drinking coffee

Caffeine improves to boost your metabolism and powerful for your exercise. In one study, caffeine will help you to reduce your fatigue awareness. You will work with higher intensity.

Drink cool water

Cold water will you feel refreshed and regain energy quickly, reducing fatigue. Your body will work to rehydrate the water so it will help you burn more calories. In addition, with a few glasses of cold water will help you increase 5% metabolism.
This is 9 tips to help you quickly reduce calories. Do not forget the spa queen to follow the quality news.

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