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» What should you do after acne?


What should you do after acne?

Acne skin care is essential to regain the beauty of the skin. However, many people still do not know what to do after acne? To be able to bring the best results after each acne. So, this article we would like to share with you what you need to do after the acne? Please follow me!


Should I squeeze acne?
As the surgeon advises, you should not do your own acne at home because you do not know how to squeeze the right way. This does not only leave scar tissue, but it also helps the bacteria inside the acne, which can spread to many areas, making acne worse, even infections.

Know that, but to refrain from touching, squeeze, squeeze the acne out of the skin causes quite a lot. So if you have acne at home then you need to have a solution to acne after treatment to get the best results.

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What does acne need to do?
To help remove bacteria, as well as better skin care after acne, you can do one of the following:

  • using salt water

Salt water when applied to the wound will cause painful discomfort. However, this is an effective way to stop bleeding and effectively remove bacteria. You can buy salty water at the salons or you can mix it with 1 teaspoon of salt with ¼ cup of warm water.

  • use old oxygen

Similar to old salt water, oxygen will also help you stop bleeding, bateria effectively. You just get the patches of oxygen and then press on the wound to help heal wounds faster acne.

  • ice

At low temperatures, cold stones help to limit blood flow, thereby stopping blood flow. You can use a clean stone to look at the blisters that have been molded and bleeding. The rock time is about 3 – 5 minutes.

  • honey

From ancient times, honey is considered “the pharmacy” not only helps improve health, but honey also helps reduce inflammation, red skin after each time the acne. However, after applying honey for 15-20 minutes, you need to wash your face to remove honey.


  • use fresh turmeric

Fresh turmeric is considered as a herbal beauty in the care of women. Therefore, the use of fresh turmeric to apply to the acne after heavy will help regenerate, care, eliminate dead cells effectively.

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  • When you squeeze the acne, you have to squeeze the inside of the acne to prevent it from becoming swollen and inflamed.
  • After you get rid of acne you need to take care of the skin thoroughly, use the skin care products applied to the blemish after molding.
  • After molding the acne will swell but absolutely you do not palpate.

With the skin care tips after the acne on the skin will help you have a beautiful skin without acne.