Moisturizing the skin is one of the indispensable skin care procedures if you want to have a beautiful radiant skin. In addition to preparing beautiful clothes, you should take care to have a beautiful skin, especially with appropriate skin moisturizing methods. In the article below, Queen spa in Danang will share skin moisturizing methods which are suitable for all skin types, follow along now!

Quy trình dưỡng ẩm làn da

1. Determine the type of skin to care

Firstly, you must determine the type of skin to know which type of skin. Here are some signs to recognize:

Normal skin

  • The skin does not usually show signs of dryness
  • Small pores, less acnes
  • Smooth skin

Oily skin              

  • The face is usually glossy because of the oil secretion
  • Large pores and usal acnes

Quy trình dưỡng ẩm làn da

Dry skin

  • The face is stretching which is annoying
  • Skin loss in some areas: nose, cheek, forehead

Mixed skin

  • The oil often focus on the T-zone and the rest areas will dry up
  • There are two type: much oil and much dry
  • Much oil: Much oil in the T-zone and normal skin in the rest
  • Much dry: T-zone oil and dry skin in the rest

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2. Suitable moisturizing process for different types of skin

Moisturizing process for normal skin

 If you have an oily skin, please congratulate yourself on the fact that you do not have to be too careful in moisturizing your skin. When the weather is cold in the end of the year, besides essential products such as essence, emulsion, you should use gel and cream moisturizer

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Moisturizing process for dry skin

For dry skin girls, moisturizing skin is a step not to be missed. In addition to using moisturizers, you can use additional skin oils.

  • Moisturizing products should be selected with a little much cream and contain some active ingredients such as: humectants, emollients, occlusive
  • Skin oils containing fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients are used as a moisturizing agent to protect the skin

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Moisturizing process for oily skin

It is not oily skin that you do not need to moisturize, if you do not moisturize, the more oil, the more acnes. But if you are not properly moisturized, your skin may  get stuck with pores and cause acnes.

Therefore, you should choose the types of moisturizing cream with a lightweight structure that is easy to absorb. You can rely on the following phrases to find a suitable product: oil free, oil balancing, non-comedogenic, non-oily, light …

Quy trình dưỡng ẩm làn da

Moisturizing process for mixed skin

With mixed skin you need to separate the different skin types to moisturize. For example, with much dry skin, the T-zone skin with much oil will use lighter creams, while the dry skin will moisturize as the dry skin. As with much oil skin, you have the same moisturizing process.

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Quy trình dưỡng ẩm làn da

3. Massage – better way to moisture the skin

In addition to the use of moisturizing products, you should combine with the massage method so that the essence can penetrate the surface better. If you do not have time to do every day, you can ask for help from the Queen spa!

Hope through the article how to moisturize appropriate for each type of skin of the Spa will help you in the process of skin care!