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Good habits help maintain skin health and beauty

Everyday habits seem apathetic, but in fact this is the premise for you to have a beautiful and healthy skin. What are the daily routines to help beautiful skin? Let’s take a look at the Queen Spa in this article.


Synthesize good daily habits for the skin

1. Simply wash your face

Be gentle with your skin, take care of it like a silk velvet. When cleansing should take the enamel off the fingers from the neck to the forehead area, massage gently for the nutrients from cleanser penetrates deep into the skin, helping to eliminate the dirt, slime. Absolutely not mistreat your skin by rubbing too hard, cleansing through the speakers, or tug skin to make sagging skin, sagging over time.


2. Stay away from the sun, the culprit of taking away the wrinkles and the skin’s moisture

To avoid the intense sun of summer, choose a sunscreen is the best solution for your skin. Should choose creams with SPF higher the higher the level of sun protection, sunscreen in addition also work to keep your skin moisturized. You should note, though how you can protect is not enough to avoid the effects of UV rays, therefore, you should use sunscreen every time you go out even when no sun light, because rays UV actually there when the weather is overcast.

3. Select the appropriate components for your skin type

The selection of products to suit the skin type is very important, what kind of cosmetics do not match, have a direct impact on your skin, therefore if not carefully chosen cosmetics can bring the work undesirable for your skin. For dry skin, you should choose cosmetics that contain ingredients such as moisture-rich extract of seaweed is a good choice. If the skin is oily, acne-prone, then select the products with thinner superstructure as lotion or serum are more acidic, and exfoliate 2 weeks / times. As for the sensitive skin should choose products that contain excessive hip harsh chemicals, and aromatherapy.

4. Provide enough water for the skin

Some ways to provide enough water to the skin like steam in the gym or in the spa, massage , … besides, should drink 2 liters of water per day enough, to ensure your skin hydrated . These little habits will be remarkably effective if you apply it correctly.


5. Say no to sweets

Does not mean you give up all sweets, but you have to limit the maximum amount of sugar. Because the body absorbs too much sugar will provide an opportunity for the free development of cells, inflammatory cells and destruction. Consider an appropriate diet to balance the body, to ensure the health, and have skin as desired.

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6. Improve the skin from the inside out

Estrogen is a hormone that helps bring elasticity and keep the skin looks nice stretch, but this hormone will decrease over time.Thus the supply of water to keep the definition of youth is essential for women. The addition of estrogen from plants such as green vegetables, broccoli, … natural foods that contain antioxidants like vitamins A and C help maintain your skin rejuvenation.


7. Absorb the good fats in nutrition

Fat is one of the nutrients to help nourish the skin becomes smoother. According to several studies showed that a diet containing sufficient essential fatty acids will promote strong cell development, bringing vital for healthy skin youthful. Omega-3 has a lot of fish and nuts, supplemented these foods into your daily menu to have a beautiful healthy skin.

8. Eat foods rich in water

These foods provide water to the skin as vegetables and fruits, in addition to providing many beneficial vitamins for the skin and your health. A simple but effective way clear.

Only with these habits, you can completely own a beautiful and healthy skin without spending too much time to care.