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» Top 6 best superfoods for weight loss

Top 6 best superfoods for weight loss

The “super food” contains nutrients that help keep bones strong, reduce chronic diseases, make skin beautiful from inside even they are good for your brain. In addition to food benefits, weight loss removes excess accumulation in the body if you have a healthy diet.

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Synthetic foods help reduce the need

Black beans


Black beans are full of essential amino acids including arginine and three types of amino acids good for the body. Each 100g of black beans delivers 0.97g valine, 1.26g leucine, and 1.11g isoleucine. You take a black bean cup, can be steamed or fried. A cup black beans contains 15 grams of healthy saturated fat protein found in red meats. Black beans keep people hungry, so if you want to lose weight, do not forget to add black beans to your menu.



Daily use of oats reduces bad cholesterol in the blood so it is good for the heart, reducing the risk of diabetes and obesity. Oat contains soluble fiber so you only need one cup can help you enough all day.

Oats processing:

The simplest way is to cook oats and mix them with fresh milk without sugar. To change your taste you can cook oats soup add ingredients such as beef, vegetables or pork minced.

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Another mistake when thinking that weight loss is not loading more protein in people. According to a study found that dieters who consumed good fats reduced by 9 pounds, while other dieters who did not use fatty foods increased by 6 pounds. The simple reason is that, with the supply of protein will help your body feel enough without adding anything else.



This tiny fruit is known for its high antioxidant properties, but it has more uses. With a wholesome blueberry garnish that gives you only 80 calories, the fiber in the fruit will make you feel full longer.



Broccoli is known for their ability to fight cancer. You can eat raw or cooked. Broccoli have high levels of fiber to keep you hydrated and reduce weight problems



Bananas are a good food for the heart. A medium-sized banana delivers 30% of B vitamins throughout the day, 12.5 grams of antioxidants to help you reduce fatigue, stress and enhance metabolism. Bananas are high in fiber that protects the stomach and burn fat to help reduce energy intake. You only need to add 1 banana per meal, but keep in mind that you have to reduce your diet every day by at least 30%.

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Weight loss is not just one or two day that it is a long and persistent process. Obesity gives us a sense of appearance that causes many health implications: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes … so you have to make the determination to change. The first thing you need to change is your daily diet, diet changes and then exercise regimen. Don’t forget to keep track of the Queen spa for updates on health and beauty news.