Losing weight after bearing babies is the keyword always in the top search of women. Because weight is always a matter of concern, especially for moms after bearing. So what is the most accurate answer to lose weight after bearing with both safety and effectiveness but still have enough milk for children.

I. Tighten your diet

Diet is a very important factor in weight loss process. Moms need a healthy and balanced diet to lose weight safely without compromising the care of their babies. Moms should follow the following rules in their daily meals

Losing weight after bearing babies

  • Starch, lipit is 2 “killers” should be limited, if possible, completely remove the starchy  and fatty foods, out of the daily menu (pastries, butter, sugar, cookies…).
  • Each meal should only be eaten with one to two fingers (1/2 to 1 bowl of rice). Divide your meals into many parts if you continually feel appetite but are uncontrollable.
  • Supplements of low calorie food, higher vitamins and protein in the menu. Fish, meat, vegetables are the food supplying nutrients necessary for mom and babies after birth but does not affect your weight.
  • Food from sweets will increase the rate of insulin in your blood so you feel appetite. So limit your sweet food to the maximum possible.

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II. Effective workout

effective workout

High-intensity exercise is not recommended for new moms. But if you want to exercise regularly, walking is the right choice. Walking will not only help you lose weight after pregnancy, it will also improve your cardiovascular health, release mood, reduce stress. Do not think that exercise is too “expensive” when you have a baby. An effective exercise regimen is a very effective way to lose weight after bearing. If you do not have time to go to the gym, just push the baby car around the neighborhood to have the effect of walking. Or if you want to speed up the process of losing weight, get up early in the morning, and jog around the park to help you have a better and healthier day.

III. Take a nap at noon

Most people think that taking naps easily gain weight, especially after bearing, but not so! The fatigue of having to keep the baby constantly causing your body to lose energy and lead to appetite. So a nap helps you revive without supplementing with food. You always need to get enough sleep at noon to be healthy, since you may have to sleep at night because of the cravings, and fatigue once again blocks your weight loss process. Instead of splashing with unnamed work, you should put your back to rest with your baby at noon to recharge your energy and help refresh your mood.


take a nap at noon

IV. Breastfeeding helps to lose weight faster

breastfeeding helps to lose weight faster

Breastfeeding: Along with fat accumulation during pregnancy, many mothers experience increased insulin levels as well as lipid and triglyceride levels. Breastfeeding helps you reverse that process, “resetting” your metabolism after pregnancy. This means that exclusive breastfeeding will help burn off excess calories, reduce stored fat and help with postpartum weight loss. At breastfeeding time, the mother can reduce 800 calories without any movement or other weight loss regimens. Should breastfeed for 6 months or longer to naturally reduce abdominal fat, postpartum cervix and baby well healthy natural intelligence.

Hopefully sharing about weight loss after bearing will help the women reshape their bodies quickly. In addition, you can also visit the Queen Spa – Massage in Danang!