How to make legs calf smaller effective

How to make legs calf smaller effective

How to make legs calf smaller is a topic that many of you care about because the fat in the calf is the hardest place to reduce. Slight legs are the reason why many people are self-deprecating in shape and afraid to wear fashionable outfits such as jumpsuits, skirts, shorts. Do not worry, Queen Spa & massage Danang will share with you the legs massage to reduce fat deposits in the lower legs even reduce bulky calf muscles, get slim legs effective.

Cách làm thon gọn bắp chân

The causes of legs fat

Genetic factors: The bone is determined by the genes, so if you have a parent or relative who has a large legs, the higher you will be. Do not worry as we can work out to make legs calf smaller and tighter.

Living habits are also the leading cause of your large calves. Avoid greasy foods, lots of sugar to avoid fat accumulation, especially legs fat

Exercise the wrong way is also the cause of this situation. Those who exercise for a while and stop will also cause calves to become bigger.

Treadmill exercises put pressure on the toe of the foot

Cách làm thon gọn bắp chân

With this exercise, do not stand in the legs for 30 seconds and then rest for 3 seconds continue doing 20 more times.

Jumping rope – a way to make legs calf smaller

Cách làm thon gọn bắp chân

In the first week, practice normal jumping to get used to it. During week 2, jumping rope in the direction of jogging. And in the weeks that followed the two exercises, do not forget to wear sports shoes to protect your legs!


Cách làm thon gọn bắp chân

Swimming will help you stretch your muscles, especially your leg muscles. So this will be one of the exercises to help thigh slim quite effective

Walking – great results help slim legs

Cách làm thon gọn bắp chân

Walking is a simple exercise, you just walk on the plane and try to contact with the tip of your foot. Simple but effective. If you want to run, you should also touch the foot and run in small and short steps.

Massage to get slim legs effective

Cách làm thon gọn bắp chân

In addition to the exercise out, massage is a method to help relax the body and get slim legs effective. Do not forget to refer to the legs massage in the below.

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Legs are the most difficult part of the body. Do not forget to spend your time with the same persistence to help your legs slim and confident in the clothes you like.

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