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3 things to consier after squeezing the acne

So, if you do not skincare after squeezing the acne properly, the acne will grow back or leave bruises, scars, pitting … on Facial skin is one that will easily happen. Let the Queen Spa – Spa in Da Nang take care of the skin after acne through the 4 following notes! What you need

What type of mask should be used after rolling the needle to bring the best effect?

Mask is an important factor in increasing the effectiveness of needle roller therapy. However, not everyone knows which mask to use after rolling the needle. Explore the suitable mask after rolling the needle along with Queenspa. The benefit of masking after rolling the needle Skin becomes weak after millions of injuries come from needle rolling,

What should you do after acne?

Acne skin care is essential to regain the beauty of the skin. However, many people still do not know what to do after acne? To be able to bring the best results after each acne. So, this article we would like to share with you what you need to do after the acne? Please follow


Moisturizing the skin is one of the indispensable skin care procedures if you want to have a beautiful radiant skin. In addition to preparing beautiful clothes, you should take care to have a beautiful skin, especially with appropriate skin moisturizing methods. In the article below, Queen spa in Danang will share skin moisturizing methods which

Weight-loss faster by General Motor Diet plan

General Motor Diet (GM) is a beauty treatment with a diet high in fiber to lose weight faster within 7 days. Not only healthy weight loss but this method helps you have a slim body, toned and especially good for digestion and prevention of heart disease with Queen Spa in the Da Nang finds out

How to care for aging skin look youthful

Aging skin care is essential for women to regain their youthful beauty. But, how to take care of the skin properly and effectively? Let us Queen Spa learn about the secret to prevent skin problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots … Understand the process of hormonal changes with aging skin Long-term hormonal changes cause

6 simple ways to prevent breast cancer effectively

Breast cancer is something that no sisters want to encounter. However, the disease has been developing quite strong. So how to reduce the risk of breast cancer? Join us, Queen Spa learn about the six most effective breast reduction tips today. Exercise regularly to reduce the risk of breast cancer Many studies have shown that

How to lose weight fast in 30 days

How to lose weight fast is a never-old topic. Today, women often come up with quick weight loss measures to quickly see results. However, there are many cases of rapid weight loss without science leading to depression. Let the Queen spa in Da Nang to tell you how to lose weight fastest but not affect

5 types of the mask to reduce dark circles under the eyes

The dark circles in your eyes make you look dull with your face looking tired. You are looking for a solution to fix this problem. Let’s take a look at the 5 simple formulas below that will be an effective solution to blow your eyebrows quickly. >>> See more: Effective eye massage for you to

5 types of foods to boost your brain power

Foods that boost memory will help you improve your memory better than improving your brain. Please refer to the foods in this article to supplement your own meal. 5 types of foods help improve memory Fish – rich in DHA to enhance memory Mackerel, salmon and some other fish contain lots of Omega 3, Omega

4 tips get rid of crow’s feet effectively on the eyes

Crow’s feet is the obsession of women after the age of 30. Every day women are exposed to hundreds of harmful effects on the environment caused no small influence skin. In addition, as the body ages, the ability to regenerate collagen in the body is no longer as old as the aging skin, especially in

Nail care tips at home for beautiful hands

With women, nail care is a thing to help them confidence when communicating with people and honoring beauty on the body. But not everyone knows how to care for a perfect foundation. Together with the Queen Spa – Massage & Spa in Danang to discover the perfect nail care tips at home. Supple nutritional for Nails Like