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Bamboo Massage is a latest type of massage which is totally comfortable and relax. Bamboo is specifically use to reduce aches and pains for the back and shoulder part. Furthermore, this therapy is use to harmonize the body for deep relaxation and reduce stress, tension and fatigue, beautify the skin, reduce pain, stimulate circulation.. Using hot

Candles massage is a completely different experience, the materials are made from soybeans. Appearance is still the candle, however when burned up, candle wax flowing out can be used to massage the body. This candle massage helps the skin become soft, smooth and silky. This is a extremely good method of massage therapy for the body because

MASSAGE BODY HERBAL BAGS – The combination of precious herbs, natural oil and soft and relaxing massage method to enhance the therapeutic effect, especially to the aches and pains of muscles and skin beauty. In addition, the herb can help you reduce stress with rare herbal smell. This treatment is recommendation of those who prefer

Ginger is considered a kind of herb having warm character that could reduce flu-symptoms and relieve muscle strain. Fresh ginger is absorbed by each cell of body with warm scented smell would help soothe your sense. Massage ginger is also found to be helpful to blood circulation and dry skin ( ginger massage could help soften

Full body massage by hotstone not only aims to recuperate and strengthen heath but also help desease prevention. The combination of hotstone and lotion cream would be better for skin. If skin is moisturized regularly by smooth layer of lotion cream, it would not be rough anymore but rejuvenate your skin. Taking a body massage

Massage Thai Body is a kind of massage that do not use neither the general massage gestures nor oil and lotion cream. This method mainly uses bare hands, elbow, foot and knees to press, stretch and impact onto the body. Thai massage is followed Thailand’s traditional healthcare methods and similar to YOGA which is an adoption

The impact on the body by the heat of volcanic hotstone combine with teachnician’s gesture could help the body with more energy and toxic absorption and muscle’s aches and pains treatment. These stones will take a different role in transfering heat from them to a certain acupuncture point of the body. This treatment is recommendation

MASSAGE BODY NATURAL OIL – The combination of natural oil and Vietnamese traditional massage techniques, our therapist with the subtle and artistic gesture to press and massage your body which helps relax all the muscles . With the scented smell from Lavender oil, you could recover your energy and absolutely relax after enjoying this massage. This

To ensure the scientific aspect for pregnant women, this method have the difference with the general massage method about laying posture and specific massage technique for pregnant women. To pregnant women, our technicians will not use the intensive therapy into muscles and acupuncture points as well as strong massage as normal. However, this method still