These fruits help keep your body slim

To supplement these fruits help slim body

Fruit helps slim body, you believe?
In order to be able to tidy up the body, some fresh fruits support the process of smooth skin, beautiful design for women such as banana, butter, peach, pineapple … eat more will help the body Your picture is slimmer.
Fruits are one of the richest fiber and are very low in fat, especially providing the body with a very low calorie intake for the body. Consequently, fruits can be considered both healthy and healthy foods, and can also protect women’s body effectively.
Here are the fruits that you can use if you are in uncontrolled weight gain situation.
1. Strawberries
Strawberries are known for having powerful antioxidant ingredients that can also help improve the skin and hair of women. In addition, strawberries are also used to protect the slender shape of women.
In a bowl full of strawberries is estimated at 49 calories and contains no grams of fat. So, you can enjoy the delicious taste of strawberries without having to worry about the slim waistline.
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2. PineappleAccording to the analysis, pineapple contains a rather high sugar content. On the contrary, it contains quite a few calories and especially contains an enzyme called bromaline that helps the digestive system. Pineapple also helps the metabolism, timely release toxins out the body. To protect the slim figure, eating pineapple is also a highly effective solution.
3. AvocadosAvocado is an indispensable fruit in the beauty of the female genitalia to help keep the skin young, smooth. Not only that, but also many healthful vitamins such as vitamins A, E, D, K, low fat and make sense for the body.


So if you eat a lot of avocados, it will help to limit the amount of calories you eat. Your body will always be slim, secure.

4. Bananas

An average of only one banana per day, on average about 100 calories should be absorbed into the body only to provide for the body.


Each banana only contains about 100 calories, so when absorbed into the body just enough to provide energy for the body. In addition, bananas also contain potassium that helps stabilize blood sugar.

Eating bananas is not likely to accumulate excess fat and will not affect the development of slim waist.

Instead of junk food that contains a lot of chemicals and fat, you can choose a banana to protect your appearance.

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5. Peach

Each peach contains only about 60 calories and they also regulate cholesterol levels in the blood.


Therefore, you can enjoy the sweet taste of peach without worrying about the development of the body. At the same time, eating peach also helps the body reduce the risk of cancer and is good for the heart.

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Wishing you more beautiful every day with 5 types of fruit help keep the look of women.