Your face is always covered by cosmetics makeup, even when the street dirt. The skin will fall into a state of “breathlessness” because clogged pores. So, nothing better than to reward you with a new mask and a good skin care in a warm, comfortable home.

Mask will remove dirt substances, expands the pores to help the deeper penetration of nutrients into the skin, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. As skin care products essential for women in moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle up when using the mask needs to perform properly.

Here are the important considerations to effectively mask increases.

Should not mask every day

Your skin is very fragile capital, vulnerable. Regular mask would remove the natural oils on the skin surface protects the skin loses its ability to shield against environmental impacts. For sensitive skin that can lead to allergies, rashes and other symptoms. The best way, you only moisturizing mask from 2 or 3 times / week for skin care has always been healthy, fresh, not losing ground effect.

No mask too long

The mask kept too long will cause the skin surface moisture is lost. Therefore, never mask the notion that as long as the skin has many benefits. You just need to fill 15 to 20 minutes is the face has a healthy, youthful back then. Most masks are clear manual covering the time, usually about 15 to 20 minutes. This time for the skin to absorb enough nutrients from the mask and the skin’s moisture is also added. Also to note, changing the types of masks for some time can also cause skin irritation.

Need to dig components before mask

Each type masks have different effects due to the ingredients. For example, vitamin E mask containing fruit extracts to moisturize great, or pure aloe whitening and skin smooth. You should dig the effect of each product for the right mask for your skin type, not hurting, irritation.

To be sure, ask the consultant as soon as the buyer. In some masks, such as vitamin C in lemon, licorice contains many acid whitening that you should not take the day as it can be easily affected by UV excitation, causing skin pigmentation skin darker. Acid composition also uses regular use will stimulate the skin, redness, itching and other skin problems.

* Should mask mud or paste form
* Do not abuse homemade mask

Not too thick mask:

Mask can cause surface temperatures to increase, promote blood circulation, making the nutrients are absorbed later, the skin firm and smooth. However, the mask is too thick lead to expanded pores, allowing dust to accumulate deep inside the skin more and causing more acne. You should mask the appropriate dosage to achieve the desired effective.

Mask is one of the best skin care method, but need to know how to use reasonable and proper.You should choose a mask matching your skin to achieve maximum effect. Also pay attention to the time of use. On the advice of professionals, while skin is resting relaxed conditions for mask use is promoted.

(please booking before, to better spa service) Tip is about 2$ per hour
SERVICES (Welcome: 8:30 - 21:00)PRICE + TIME
- Body by Natural oil 60': 450.000đ (19.5USD) & 90': 670.000đ (29USD)
- Body by Hot stone 70': 520.000đ (22.5USD) & 90': 670.000đ (29USD) & 120': 900.000đ (39USD)
- Body by Herbal bags 70': 540.000đ (23.5USD) & 90': 700.000đ (30.5USD) & 120': 940.000đ (40.5USD)
- Body lotion cream 60': 480.000đ (20.5USD) & 90': 720.000đ (31USD)
- Body lotion cream and Hot stone 70': 560.000đ (24.5USD) & 90': 720.000đ (31USD) & 120': 960.000đ (41.5USD)
- Body Lotion Candle 60': 490000đ (21.5USD) & 90': 730000đ (31.5USD)
- Body by Bamboo & Natural oil 90': 750.000đ (32.5USD) & 120': 980.000đ (42.5USD)
- Body by Bamboo & Lotion cream 90': 780.000đ (34USD) & 120': 1.000.000đ (43USD)
- Body by Ginger and hot stone 90': 780.000đ (34USD) & 120': 1000.000đ (43USD)
- Body Thai 70': 580.000đ (25USD) & 90': 750.000đ (32.5USD)
- BODY PREGNANT WOMEN -LOTION CREAM 60': 500000đ (21.5USD) & 90': 750000đ (32.5USD)
EXTRA FOCUS BODY (with Natural oil)
- Arm & Legs 30': 300.000đ (13USD)
- Back 30': 300.000đ (13USD)
- Head, neck, shoulder 30': 300.000đ (13USD)
- Foot oil & Soak feet herbs 60': 450.000đ (19.5USD)
- Foot by herbal bags & Soak feet herbs 70': 540.000đ (23.5USD)
- Foot by hot stone & Soak feet ginger 70': 500.000đ (21.5USD)
- Foot ginger + Hot stone & Soak feet ginger 70': 560.000đ (24.5USD)
- Face Massage by Line Rendez-Vous + Mask Clay 60': 450.000đ (19.5USD)
- Face Massage by Rendez-Vous (No Mask) 40': 350.000đ (15USD)
- Face Massage by Line Ohui + Mask Clay 60': 450.000đ (19.5USD)
- Face Massage by Ohui (No Mask) 40': 350.000đ (15USD)
- Mask Clay 30': 250.000đ (10.5USD)
- Waxing armpit 100.000đ (4.5USD)
- Waxing arm 250.000đ (10.5USD)
- Waxing 1/2 arm 200.000đ (8.5USD)
- Waxing legs 400.000đ (17USD)
- Waxing 1/2 legs 300.000đ (13USD)
- Waxing back 550.000đ (24USD)
- Body scrubs Bamboo Powder with Lotion + Steambath 50': 450.000đ (19.5USD)
- Body scrubs milk lavender oil with Lotion + Steambath 50': 450.000đ (19.5USD)
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