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Waxing can remove the short hairs from 1.5cm – 2cm and reduce the supply of nutrients to the papillary germ of the hair, which makes the hairs growing sparse, softer with lighter colors. Helps pores become tighter, hair growing slower than normal and pores not enlarged after several waxing. Waxing can be done on many skin even the most sensitive skin without causing side-effects.


Mechanism of waxing

Waxing is a method of hair removal efficacy and safety, can be used for any skin area of the body.The origin of the habit of waxing starting from Africa, Latin America. A bleached hair down, people use these fruits as skin effect lemon, orange … cook her a secret, then filtered several times and then mixed with some other kind of fruit density of high cohesion the Department of wax. When used, heat for melting wax Department liquid form and then to cool down, then spread a layer of liquid wax to the skin and used cloth coat tiles clean up and jerk.

Apply it secret, wax for waxing is now also the most natural extracts, have the effect of limiting the growth of hair and formulated with cosmetic chemicals have high adhesion to be able to spit hairy root.

Due to be extracted from nature should wax waxing less likely to irritate the skin. When the wax is heated, applied to the skin with feathers, wax will adhere to and penetrate the hair follicle root, as pores softened, while the opposite direction of the hair growth shock will get the principal.

Mechanism of waxing hair removal that is when hairs are taken away, deep inside the pores will hurt cause small tears in the follicle. Then the tear will heal and leave tiny scars that are not visible to the naked eye, while the wax penetrate deep into the root of each hair follicle under the skin capillaries so will limit the supply of nutrients, suppress the development of hair follicles, so hair grows back when the will is weak and thinner.


Advantages of Waxing

Reduced to 70% of hair growing back after 10-15 times, the hair will be paler, weaker and more sparse than before.

High Adhesion, waxing root, does not contain fragrance substances, should not cause irritation, itching and dermatitis.

Suitable for hair removal for all skin areas on the body. 4-8 weeks after, new hair will regrow.

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(please booking before, to better spa service) Tip is about 2$ per hour
SERVICES (Welcome: 8:30 - 21:00)PRICE + TIME
- Body by Natural oil 60': 450.000đ (19.5USD) & 90': 670.000đ (29USD)
- Body by Hot stone 70': 520.000đ (22.5USD) & 90': 670.000đ (29USD) & 120': 900.000đ (39USD)
- Body by Herbal bags 70': 540.000đ (23.5USD) & 90': 700.000đ (30.5USD) & 120': 940.000đ (40.5USD)
- Body lotion cream 60': 480.000đ (20.5USD) & 90': 720.000đ (31USD)
- Body lotion cream and Hot stone 70': 560.000đ (24.5USD) & 90': 720.000đ (31USD) & 120': 960.000đ (41.5USD)
- Body Lotion Candle 60': 490000đ (21.5USD) & 90': 730000đ (31.5USD)
- Body by Bamboo & Natural oil 90': 750.000đ (32.5USD) & 120': 980.000đ (42.5USD)
- Body by Bamboo & Lotion cream 90': 780.000đ (34USD) & 120': 1.000.000đ (43USD)
- Body by Ginger and hot stone 90': 780.000đ (34USD) & 120': 1000.000đ (43USD)
- Body Thai 70': 580.000đ (25USD) & 90': 750.000đ (32.5USD)
- BODY PREGNANT WOMEN -LOTION CREAM 60': 500000đ (21.5USD) & 90': 750000đ (32.5USD)
EXTRA FOCUS BODY (with Natural oil)
- Arm & Legs 30': 300.000đ (13USD)
- Back 30': 300.000đ (13USD)
- Head, neck, shoulder 30': 300.000đ (13USD)
- Foot oil & Soak feet herbs 60': 450.000đ (19.5USD)
- Foot by herbal bags & Soak feet herbs 70': 540.000đ (23.5USD)
- Foot by hot stone & Soak feet ginger 70': 500.000đ (21.5USD)
- Foot ginger + Hot stone & Soak feet ginger 70': 560.000đ (24.5USD)
- Face Massage by Line Rendez-Vous + Mask Clay 60': 450.000đ (19.5USD)
- Face Massage by Rendez-Vous (No Mask) 40': 350.000đ (15USD)
- Face Massage by Line Ohui + Mask Clay 60': 450.000đ (19.5USD)
- Face Massage by Ohui (No Mask) 40': 350.000đ (15USD)
- Mask Clay 30': 250.000đ (10.5USD)
- Waxing armpit 100.000đ (4.5USD)
- Waxing arm 250.000đ (10.5USD)
- Waxing 1/2 arm 200.000đ (8.5USD)
- Waxing legs 400.000đ (17USD)
- Waxing 1/2 legs 300.000đ (13USD)
- Waxing back 550.000đ (24USD)
- Body scrubs Bamboo Powder with Lotion + Steambath 50': 450.000đ (19.5USD)
- Body scrubs milk lavender oil with Lotion + Steambath 50': 450.000đ (19.5USD)
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