Sunscreen and all things keep in mind

Sunscreen and all things keep in mind

You probably already know the importance of sunscreen to our skin. Even if you have skin care with expensive cosmetics but do not use sunscreen, everything becomes a work of art, the skin is degraded and aging over time. However, sunscreen is just applied to the skin but also the things you keep in mind. Have a look at the sun cream below with the Queen spa Danang.

Sunscreen and all things keep in mind
Sunscreen and all things keep in mind

What are UVA and UVB?

UVB rays are ultraviolet rays with short wavelengths that affect the outer layers of the skin, causing the skin to irritate the skin when exposed to the sun. UVB’s skin damage is very easy to treat, not like UVA rays that cause deep damage to the skin.

what are uva and uvb
what are uva and uvb

UVA rays are divided into two types: UVA 1 and UVA 2. UVA 1 rays have longer wavelengths which are more damaging to the skin. In general, UVA rays have a profound effect on the epidermis of the skin, even through glass, cloth …

The index on the sunscreen

SPF protects against UVB rays

SPF is a UVB indicator, the higher this level, the stronger the UVB protection, but the sunscreen is weaker after 2 hours. So after 2 hours, you should use sunscreen again for your skin. With sunscreen for face, you should choose the index is about 25 – 45. For body use, you can choose the cream with a higher index.

  • SPF 15 anti-UVB rays: 93. 3%
  • SPF 30 protects against UVB rays 96.7%
  • SPF 50 anti-UVB 98%
spf protects against uvb rays
spf protects against uvb rays

PPD index against UVA rays

This is a measure of UVA protection, the higher the index, the better the sun protection

  • PPD 2-4 with PA +
  • PPD 4 -8 is PA ++
  • PA Indicator anti-UVA indicator

Similar to PPA, PA is also a measure of the UVA protection of sunscreen. The more plus signs, the better the UVA protection

  • PA +: 50 – 74%
  • PA ++: 75 – 86%
  • PA +++: 87 – 92%
  • PA ++++:> 93%

Things to keep in mind when using sunscreen

  • Use the right amount of sunscreen: The correct amount of sunscreen is a facial peanut and a small glass of wine for the whole body. If you do not want to be heavy, try multi-layer stacking after 1 -2 minutes.
  • Apply sunscreen again after 2 – 3 hours. If you apply sunscreen to your cream is not too much effect.
things to keep in mind when using sunscreen
things to keep in mind when using sunscreen
  • Although wearing sunscreen, you still need to wear a hat, mask to avoid the direct sunlight on the skin.
  • Read carefully the ingredients before use to avoid products containing skin-allergenic ingredients.
  • After a few hours when applying sunscreen, you should use oil absorbent shoes to absorb excess oil on the face

Using sunblock is a daily necessity to avoid long-lasting effects on the skin. If you have any questions, do not forget to comment to be consulted Queen’s best.

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