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Choose 5 facial massage oils: how to keep your skin looking younger

In addition to the usual massage movements, facial massage oil is important for your skin when massage process. Skin care from natural oils helps the skin healthy from the inside, absorbing the essential nutrients essential to the skin and keep your skin looking younger. Let the Queen spa  find about 5 types of facial massage oil effective.

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Top 5 facial oils available today

1. Jojoba is the perfect facial massage oil for oily skin

jojoba is the perfect facial massage oil for oily skin
jojoba is the perfect facial massage oil for oily skin

Oily skin should choose jojoba oil to massage the face. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, known for its anti-aging effect, reducing wrinkles, protecting against acne bacteria, oil-based aloe vera, and protecting the skin from harmful elements. environment. Jojoba is usually solid, so if you do not regularly massage, you should choose this type because it is not afraid of damage in the long run.

2. Grape seed oil

grape seed oil
grape seed oil

Grape seed oil is quite benign and should be suitable for all skin types. Grape seed oil contains a lot of nutrients for the skin, especially suitable for facial massage, then the nutrients easily penetrate deeply and nourish the skin from inside. However, you should be careful when buying and choose from well-known brand names because the production process is quite complex, grape seed oil is not pressed from pure seeds but needs help from the solvent.

3. Argan oil is considered “gold” in the oils

argan oil is considered "gold" in the oils
argan oil is considered “gold” in the oils

Argan oil is a miracle for the skin because it contains high levels of vitamin E, fatty acids, and other minerals. Argan oil is famous for its deep moisturizing effect on the skin, anti-aging, especially anti-inflammatory in accordance with skin acne. The only downside of argan oil is that the price is quite high.

4. Avocado oil

avocado oil
avocado oil

Avocado oil contains many nutrients such as vitamin E, fatty acids, which are extremely facial massage oils suitable for dry skin. Avocado oil is quite special compared to other oils because it is obtained from meat rather than from seeds. If you do not have time to buy avocado oil for massage, you can completely cover the face for 15 minutes then use the tissue to wipe off mask and massage hands as usual.

5. Almond oil

almond oil
almond oil

Almost in the spa, professionals use almond oil to massage the face. In addition to miracle benefits for the skin, this oil also possesses a pleasant aroma and aroma. Some of the applications are mentioned as deep moisturizing, anti-aging, blurring, reducing dark circles …

You can massage face at home if you do not have time to go to the spa for beauty treatments.

The Queen Spa shared top 5 facial massage oils that are frequently used. If you love skin oils, do not forget to combine the daily facial massage, making sure your skin looking younger.

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