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Dry skin is always the anxiety of women when the weather turns autumn – winter. Queen Spa Da Nang there are many skin care treatments for dry season you can choose from such as: body treatment with Dead Sea mud, moisture, light skin with cold sea of milk, milk bath … However, a raw law is very fancy ladies in the autumn – winter this year are full body skin care with paraffin.This therapy helps you keep the smooth, bright your skin.

Paraffin is a common name for a group of alkane hydrocarbons to form high molecular weight, and usually used in the manufacture of candles, creating an overlay for the wax paper or fabric, creating the pattern of research in the fields of histology. .. In dermatology, we used to soften (moisturizing) provides smoother skin, particularly the effect of wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin and bring about smooth to the hands, rough feet.


When warm paraffin coated on the entire body, the warmth is spread, you will feel excited and relaxed body for deep relaxation. This therapy will help improve blood circulation, promote metabolism of cells, and help get some relief rheumatism, joint pain, sweating hands, feet. Protein and vitamin nutrients found in paraffin also provides the moisture necessary to bring looks smoother, firmer your skin.

This treatment is particularly suitable for dry skin, aging, not suitable for oily skin, acne and sensitive.

At Queen Spa , the staff will take steps with paraffin body treatments as follows:

Step 1: Exfoliate Body

Step 2: Hot full body mask with paraffin for about 20-25 minutes

Step 3: Use a warm towel peel off mask

Step 4: Apply body lotion.

You should perform regular therapy for 7-10 days. Once there, you will no longer have to fret, worry about their skin before the abnormal changes of the winter season.

The program is free advice Queen Spa in Da Nang

(please booking before, to better spa service) Tip is about 2$ per hour
SERVICES (Welcome: 8:30 - 21:00)PRICE + TIME
- Body by Natural oil 60': 400.000đ (18USD) & 90': 600.000đ (26USD)
- Body by Hot stone 70': 480.000đ (21USD) & 90': 600.000đ (26USD) & 120': 800.000đ (34.5USD)
- Body by Herbal bags 70': 520.000đ (23USD) & 90': 670.000đ (29USD) & 120': 890.000đ (38.5USD)
- Body lotion cream 60': 440.000đ (19USD) & 90': 670.000đ (29USD)
- Body lotion cream and Hot stone 70': 520.000đ (23USD) & 90': 670.000đ (29USD) & 120': 890.000đ (38.5USD)
- Body Lotion Candle 60': 450000đ (19.5USD) & 90': 670000đ (29USD)
- Body by Bamboo & Natural oil 90': 700.000đ (30.5USD) & 120': 930.000đ (40USD)
- Body by Bamboo & Lotion cream 90': 720.000đ (31.5USD) & 120': 960.000đ (41.5USD)
- Body by Ginger and hot stone 90': 720.000đ (31.5USD) & 120': 960.000đ (41.5USD)
- Body Thai 70': 550.000đ (24USD)
- BODY PREGNANT WOMEN -LOTION CREAM 60': 480000đ (21USD) & 90': 720000đ (31USD)
EXTRA FOCUS BODY (with Natural oil)
- Arm & Legs 30': 250.000đ (10.5USD)
- Back 20': 250.000đ (10.5USD)
- Head, neck, shoulder 30': 280.000đ (12USD)
- Foot oil & Soak feet herbs 60': 400.000đ (17.3USD)
- Foot by herbal bags & Soak feet herbs 70': 480.000đ (21USD)
- Foot by hot stone & Soak feet ginger 70': 450.000đ (19.5USD)
- Foot ginger + Hot stone & Soak feet ginger 70': 500.000đ (22USD)
- Face Massage by Line Rendez-Vous + Mask Clay 50': 400.000đ (17.3USD)
- Face Massage by Rendez-Vous (No Mask) 30': 280.000đ (12USD)
- Face Massage by Line Ohui + Mask Clay 50': 400.000đ (17.3USD)
- Face Massage by Ohui (No Mask) 30': 280.000đ (12USD)
- Mask Clay 20': 200.000đ (8.6USD)
- Waxing armpit 90.000đ (4USD)
- Waxing arm 200.000đ (8.6USD)
- Waxing 1/2 arm 160.000đ (7USD)
- Waxing legs 320.000đ (14USD)
- Waxing 1/2 legs 250.000đ (11USD)
- Waxing back 500.000đ (21.7USD)
- Body scrubs Bamboo Powder with Lotion + Steambath 50': 400.000đ (17.3USD)
- Body scrubs milk lavender oil with Lotion + Steambath 50': 400.000đ (17.3USD)
Come and enjoy with Queen Spa!