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Facial massage with Essential oil safely and effectively

Facial massage oil is used by many people by re-using the effect of the obvious: help stimulates, improve the business system, especially stress beautiful skin to see. Essential oils are considered indispensable catalyst in facial massage. With the Queen Spa & massage in Danang discover the secret of facial massage with oil properly! The way

The way to pregnancy massage effectively for mothers

Massage for pregnant women is the therapy of many people are interested. In addition to reducing the risk of stretch marks, massage is very beneficial to the fetus and helps you to minimize the discomfort during pregnancy such as headaches, dizziness, pain and numbness of joints in the body. Together with the Queen spa in

How to do Korean Massage skin care

Massage skin care therapy will help the essence penetrate deeper to nourish the skin from the inside. In addition, only a few gentle Korean facial massage are enough for you to relax after a long day of hard work. Together with the Queen spa & massage Danang to discover the way of massage in the skin

How you can learn to massage simple foot chart

According to experts on foot reflexology, the feet are the place where many nerves of the acupuncture relate to many organs and parts of the body. So, especially foot massage, acupressure is a way to help blood circulation, strengthen the health of the body. With the Queen spa in Danang track simple foot reflexology massage,

Learn Massage Therapy of French woman

Many of you have heard a lot about facials of Korean or Japanese women. So how will the French facial massage therapy, you have curious it? Check out the article below. Eye massage: A therapy reduce dark circles, wrinkles in the eyes effectively Facial Massage to lift face with brush French women are known for

Eye massage: A therapy reduce dark circles, wrinkles in the eyes effectively

Do you know that eye massage combined with eye cream to help blood circulation and effective methods to help you erase the fastest age traces it. Let’s learn about self-massage for eyes to help reduce dark circles and sticky effect in the eye with the Queen spa Danang! Facial Massage to lift face with brush 3

Facial Massage to lift face with brush

You have probably used a facial massage to lift and firm your face and have a beautiful radiant skin full of vitality. Massage with a brush is quite strange to the girl, but this is the method used by Japanese women to care for the skin. With the Queen spa – Massage Danang exploring the

3 minutes hand massage office reduce stress and relaxation

Hand massage experts advised women office should work during the work to reduce fatigue caused by typing all day long. If there is no impact to improve these problems, when you get old, the most common hand ailments are hand tremors, which can have a major impact on your future life. To avoid this situation

Belly massage to reduce weight with ginger wine

A long time ago, belly massage with ginger wine is therapy to reduce weight, it’s a lot of sisters believe. In addition to exercising, if you know how to belly massage, you will definitely save both time and money to quickly possess a waist slimming as desired. With Queen Spa – Massage Danang discover the

Calf massage: The way help legs slim

To lose weight in the calf is not simple because the legs contain the most muscle on the body. In addition to the gym training methods, the benefits of calf massage daily is the way to help you own a pair of slim legs, toned. Together with the Queen spa – Best spa in Danang

Head Massage Techniques to treat a headache effectively

Head massage is known to be an effective way to cure headaches and other headaches. The head massage techniques help to treat headaches is used by many people because of their convenience and quickly obtain the immediate effect. Discover with the Queen Spa & Massage Danang the effective massage steps in the below. The secret massage

Reduce biceps with just 5 minute massage

Fat biceps make you self-deprecating in your shape and can not wear trendy clothes. Together with the Queen spa – Massage Danang to learn the massage to reduce biceps. The secret massage help to face toning and slimming of Korean women Neck Shoulder Massage Therapy to reduce tension and body aches The biceps are where