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Diet control and simple exercises for easy fat people

Diet and exercise are important factors to help you lose weight. Endomorph is a scientific name for people who are physically fit to be fat, and girls who eat a little bit of food are already gaining weight. But there is no way to help fat people control their weight. With Queenspa – Spa in

How to lose weight fast in 30 days

How to lose weight fast is a never-old topic. Today, women often come up with quick weight loss measures to quickly see results. However, there are many cases of rapid weight loss without science leading to depression. Let the Queen spa – spa in Da Nang to tell you how to lose weight fastest but not

5 types of the mask to reduce dark circles under the eyes

The dark circles under the eyes make you ugly. Dark circles make you look dull with your face looking tired and tired. Discover 5 types of the mask to reduce dark circles under the eyes with the Queen Spa – Spa in DaNang right now. 4 tips get rid crows feet effectively eyes Eye massage a

5 types of foods to boost your brain power

According to many studies, if you supplement food to improve memory, good for the brain will help improve the status of “brain goldfish”. 7 actives to reduce fat after the workout 10 foods with the highest vitamin b12 you should eat everyday A healthy lifestyle, a reasonable diet not only help you improve brain but

4 tips get rid of crow’s feet effectively on the eyes

Crow’s feet is the obsession of women after the age of 30. Every day women are exposed to hundreds of harmful effects on the environment caused no small influence skin. In addition, as the body ages, the ability to regenerate collagen in the body is no longer as old as the aging skin, especially in

Nail care tips at home for beautiful hands

With women, nail care is a thing to help them confidence when communicating with people and honoring beauty on the body. But not everyone knows how to care for a perfect foundation. Together with the Queen Spa – Spa in Danang to discover the perfect nail care tips at home. Tips for maternal health care in

Tips for maternal health care in hot weather

Maternal health care is indispensable in the hot summer, because the pregnant women’s bodies are dehydrated, fatigued, on the side of the pregnant woman’s immune system. Reducing the risk of sunburn, or stress. For sisters, these things have a serious effect and can lead to premature birth or even miscarriage. 7 actives to reduce fat

7 actives to reduce fat after the workout

Workout to lose weight is considered to be an effective way to reduce fat. However, during the training, you need to coordinate activities to reduce fat, help the body recover from the exercise. You will be surprised when the effectiveness during the workout when you applying the following 7 activities. 5 simple at-home workouts to lose weight

5 simple at-home workouts to lose weight

Reducing fat quickly is a question of many interests by many people. Do you believe it is easier than ever to lose fat even when exercising at home? If you are curious, do not forget to check out 5 at-home workouts to lose weight in the below. How to make legs calf smaller effective Sunscreen

How to make legs calf smaller effective

How to make legs calf smaller is a topic that many of you care about because the fat in the calf is the hardest place to reduce. Slight legs are the reason why many people are self-deprecating in shape and afraid to wear fashionable outfits such as jumpsuits, skirts, shorts. Do not worry, Queen Spa

Sunscreen and all things keep in mind

You probably already know the importance of sunscreen to our skin. Even if you have skin care with expensive cosmetics but do not use sunscreen, everything becomes a work of art, the skin is degraded and aging over time. However, sunscreen is just applied to the skin but also the things you keep in mind.

Facial massage with Essential oil safely and effectively

Facial massage oil is used by many people by re-using the effect of the obvious: help stimulates, improve the business system, especially stress beautiful skin to see. Essential oils are considered indispensable catalyst in facial massage. With the Queen Spa & massage in Danang discover the secret of facial massage with oil properly! The way