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9 tips to burn fat effectively only 45 minutes per day

You spend 45 minutes of exercise on most days of the week, but the calories balance do not fall down as you expect them. Modern life does not allow you to spend more time achieving the goals you set. Queen spa in Da Nang shared 9 tips to help burn fat, do not forget to

10 mistakes you should avoid in hair care

Beauty made up of many things. Strong hair is important to highlight help you have a unique and extractive image. Queen spa in Da Nang shared for you the most common mistakes, make in their quest to have the hair of their dreams. Daily activities cause hair to be damaged 1. Choosing is the wrong shampoo Choosing is important of

7 tips skincare by aloe vera you can make at home

You know, aloe vera helps many benefits for your skin. Aloe vera contain vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, E, B12, folic acid, and choline. So aloe vera that is a perfect choice for sensitive skin. Queen Spa – Spa in Da Nang share 7 tips skincare by aloe

Micro needling: The perfect remedy for your skin

Roller method is one of the treatments for skin problems such as skin pigmentation, acne, dark circles, scars, pitted scars …. effective. Now you do not have to use expensive methods such as laser firing, even skin rejuvenation surgery … but still have the ability to own a beautiful skin. overview of rolling method: Micro

Top 6 make-up remover for sensitive skin

You have routine make-up, the cleansing products are no stranger to you. As you know, the first you have beautiful skin is to be clean. With sensitive skin, you worry about how to choose a suitable type of skin because if the wrong choice, the skin will redness immediately. But on the market, there are

Skincare acne skin and everything note for Acne Treatment

Acne is a problem that many women are most interested. Acne causes many problems for aesthetics, sometimes you may many difficulties in life and work. There are many questions that acne skin cares how to treat effectively. Queen spa & Spa in Danang shares with you skincare steps and note for skin acne. If you

Everything you need to know when before treating acne skin

What is acne? How do you get acne? That is a question that many people are interested in because they want to have a face without acne but do not know how to do it. Please join us, Queen Spa to thoroughly understand this issue to be able to treat acne rooted you. Things you

Gold mask – The hottest beauty trend

Gold mask is one of the most beautiful skin mask today. Beauty is just show the luxury, the beauty of the ladies love. So the mask is really good or not? Or just the words, please with  Queen Spa – Spa in Da Nang learn more in this article you nhé. The general mask of 24K

7 Effective Yoga Poses for Beautiful Breasts

7 yoga exercises to help your body slim and round a circle will help you more confident and charming in the eyes of the gentlemen. So what are these 7 moves? and how? Let the Queen spa Da Nang learn you nhé. Collect 7 heroes to help you possess a beautiful ring Warrior Pose The

Top 9 best anti-aging face masks you can make at home

Women can totally prevent the signs of aging step by step before it’s coming prematurely by taking care of themselves. Simply, you can ward off the early appearance of wrinkles by using masks to make your skin smoothly, healthy. Queen Spa will share 10 simple mask recipes with natural ingredients that you should try at

3 Great squat exercises to Help You Get the Perfect butt

Have a beautiful behind that is a dream of women. It can not be denied that makes you look attractive. Many women have not a perfect butt, but are busy with work and do not have time go to the gym. So below article of Queen Spa – Best Spa in Danang help you improve

6 beauty skin secrets of Japanese women

Most Japanese women look younger than their years, 40-year-olds look to be 20 years old. This is why woman dream of perfect skin. Some people think that young are a great gift of nature, but there are others who believe that to achieve such a result is going through a process of caring for the