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Body Massage

Bamboo Massage is a latest type of massage now very attractive and charming. Bamboo is designed specifically for each region of the face massage. Using this therapy to harmonize the body and deep relaxation, and reduce stress, tension and fatigue, beautify the skin, reduce pain, lower back pain, stimulate circulation. Use warm bamboo to activate

Candles massage is a completely different experience. Appearance is still the candle, however when burning up, candle wax flows out can be used to massage the body. This candle massage have the effect of soft, smooth and silky skin and a method of this massage therapy is extremely good for the body because of nutrients

Combining herbal remedy and massage methods relaxing natural oils to enhance the therapeutic effect, especially with the pain tired body and strain muscles, good for the skin, in addition the herb can help you reduce deeper relaxation with rare herbal smell. This treatment is recommender of those who prefer a lightly to medium massage.  

Ginger is considered a kind of warm herbs, reduce osteoarthritis pain in the region, relieve muscle strain. Fresh ginger penetrates on each cell body. Massage ginger also work to help blood circulation, people with dry skin, the ginger massage also works to soften and moisturize the skin. Also, the energy from hot rock when combined

Besides body massage purpose to relax recovery and improve health, disease prevention and treatment, when combined with cream lotion effect better your skin, moisturizing your skin with a layer cream smooth will help you dislodge shaggy, rough weather due cause, help your skin youthful. Lotion cream when combined with hot stones will help depth transmission

The impact on the body the form of waves caused by tiny vibrations, generated by differences or changes in temperature, which enhances the body’s energy, can absorb toxins from the body and supports issues of muscles, bones, joints. These stones massage will take on a different role in transmissionled heat on certain graving in the

The gestures: pressing, pressing, stretching, stretch, pull, bend, roll by hand, elbow, foot, knee, elbow … gently press on the graving along the main energy artery runs along around body in health care art of traditional Thai style Yoga. This treatment is recommender of those who prefer strong massage.   To better serve and there

Delicate and artistic movements, stroking, hydromassage and pressing on your body. Natural essential oils from lavender will make you relaxing, you will regain energy after enjoying all this massage. This treatment is recommender of those who prefer a lightly to strong massage.   To better serve and there is room for you, please contact Queen

This massage therapy is not just a simple form of relaxation but also bring a lot of benefits during pregnancy. It helps blood circulation, increase oxygen supply to the fetus to help better fetal weight gain, reduce muscle pain, especially in the back, hips, thighs and neck, helps excrete toxins in the mother’s body .