(Tiếng Việt) Giới thiệu về QueenSpa - Nơi Spa tại Đà Nẵng tốt nhất


In Danang, tourists can even imagine that it’s a beautiful city on the Han River, the East Coast with the charm unmatched in other coastal urban … Da Nang Spa – QueenSpa in Danang hearts, with the center position from the project path Dragon bridge & 100m from My Khe Beach, Pham Van Dong 1.5km, with off-street parking for guests, travel convenient for local customers methods, as well as visitors to Danang.

The architectural design of modern style, along with materials for space is constructed entirely from natural QueenSpa as:

– Mattress System is manufactured from natural rubber kimdan, upholstery and embroidered towels for your use is made from 100% natural cotton does not irritate the skin, massage bed is made of high-grade natural wood

– The system of lights and sound, you led the way for entirely automated, curtains & blinds are made from raw silk, along with lighting system based on the idea of bamboo in Vietnam …

combined with traditional treatments, room service and dedicated professional … hope to bring you a luxurious space and cozy.

Queenspa the information they need to know

“Is a peaceful QueenSpa to unwind and rejuvenate. In order not to disturb the quiet atmosphere here, wish you to respect your privacy, go lightly, whispered”.


For sure there is room for you in QueenSpa, wish you please reserve before all spa treatments. To book, please call the reception desk, phone number: 0511.2473994. You can book in advance through the website: www.queenspa.vn.
We serve 7 days a week, including holidays, from 8:30 am to 21:00 pm.

Voucher Spa:

Guests can choose gift certificates translation QueenSpa cases of special gift for relatives and friends. We will help you choose the appropriate service for your needs. for more information please call or email us queenspadn@gmail.com.

Store Map:

You just take the money, valuable objects, jewelry in a bag that QueenSpa provided. Other jewelry items you can put in lockers for guests dressing area as a whole.

Drinking & Spa:

Hope you do not drink alcohol during or immediately after treatment.

Department personal preferences:

If you need warmer temperatures or cooler as well if that’s too strong massage movements or slightly exceed, you please remind our technicians to follow your requirements.


Through the feedback of customers, we just maintain service quality, nonetheless can not anticipate feeling your privacy. Please tell us all what can help us improve the quality of customer service, such as: massage movements need stronger, lighter needs, need more towels, increase or decrease sound the volume of the sound as well as the brightness of the light, or the service attitude of staff to serve you better not … etc. We would welcome your feedback at any time. Other precious please fill out the customer feedback to the front room, or by telephone hotline.

Thank you!

(please booking before, to better spa service)

(Welcome: 8:30 – 21:00)
– Body by Natural oil 60′: 300.000đ (#13.5USD) & 90′: 450.000đ (#20.5USD)
 Body by Hot stone 70′: 350.000đ (#16USD) & 90′: 450.000đ (#20.5USD) & 120′: 600.000đ (#27.5USD)
– Body by Herbal bags 70′: 350.000đ (#16USD) & 90′: 450.000đ (#20.5USD) & 120′: 600.000đ (#27.5USD)
– Body lotion cream  60′: 340.000đ (#15.5USD) & 90′: 500.000đ (#22.5USD) & 120′: 680.000đ (#31USD)
– Body lotion cream and Hot stone  70′: 400.000đ (#18USD) & 90′: 500.000đ (#22.5USD) & 120′: 680.000đ (#31USD)
– Body by Bamboo 90′: 500.000đ (#22.5USD) & 120′: 680.000đ (#31USD)
– Body by Bamboo & Lotion cream 90′: 520.000đ (#23USD) & 120′: 700.000đ (#32USD)
– Body by Ginger and hot stone 90′: 520.000đ (#23USD) & 120′: 700.000đ (#32USD)
– Body Thai  70′: 400.000đ (#18USD)
EXTRA FOCUS BODY (with Natural oil)
– Hands & feet 30′: 170.000đ (#7.5USD)
– Back 20′: 140.000đ (#6.5USD)
– Head, neck, shoulder 30′: 170.000đ (#7.5USD)
– Sauna 60.000đ (#3USD)
– Steam bath 60.000đ (#3USD)
– Foot oil & Soak feet herbs 60′: 280.000đ (#12.5USD)
– Foot by herbal bags & Soak feet herbs 70′: 320.000đ (#14.5USD)
– Foot by hot stone & Soak feet ginger 70′: 320.000đ (#14.5USD)
– Foot ginger + Hot stone & Soak feet ginger 70′: 350.000đ (#15.5USD)
– Face Massage by Line Lovite + Mask Clay 50′: 300.000đ (#13.5USD)
– Face Massage by Line Lovite + Mask Light skin 50′: 280.000đ (#12.5USD)
– Face Massage by Lovite (No Mask) 30′: 200.000đ (#9USD)
– Face Massage by Line Ohui + Mask Clay 50′: 300.000đ (#13.5USD)
– Face Massage by Line Ohui + Mask Light skin 50′: 300.000đ (#13.5USD)
– Face Massage by Ohui  (No Mask) 30′: 200.000đ (#9USD)
– Mask Clay 20′: 100.000đ (#4.5USD)
– Mask Light skin 20′: 100.000đ (#4.5USD)
– Waxing armpit 70.000đ (#3USD)
– Waxing hands 200.000đ (#9USD)
– Waxing 1/2 hand 160.000đ (#7USD)
– Waxing feet 280.000đ (#12.5USD)
– Waxing 1/2 feet 200.000đ (#9USD)
– Waxing back 450.000đ (#20.5USD)
– Body scrubs with Rice bran + Steambath 50′: 260.000đ (#11.5USD)
– Body scrubs with Salt scrubs + Steambath 50′: 260.000đ (#11.5USD)
– Body scrubs with milk lavender oil + Steambath 50′: 280.000đ (#12.5USD)
– Extra white care 02h00′: 750.000đ (#33.5USD)
– Lotion smooth white body with colostrum 90′: 380.000đ (#17USD)
– Lotion smooth white body with Rice bran 90′: 380.000đ (#17USD)

Come and enjoy with Queen Spa!