About Queen Spa Danang



Everyone has their own dreams even big or small, they would help people to go through the difficulties and challenges, to look forward to the more beautiful life. We have had such a dream with the desire to bring happiness to everyone by our dedicated passion. The dreams are to contribute, reserve and transfer the true values of life in the ever-changing environment. Wanting to create something of its own in order to bring happiness and preserve ancient therapies that people have worked so hard on, has given us the courage to create – Queen Spa

Talking about Danang, you could imagine a beautiful city with romantic Han River and beautiful beach stretching along the sea. Queen Spa is a nice little spa – located in the heart of Da Nang city, near My Khe Beach and Han River (500m) just 10 minutes walking, which is very convenient for customers to transfer.

Although Spa is designed in a modern style, materials created for space are from nature to bring comfort to customers such as mattresses made from natural rubber, embroidered towels made of natural cotton. Especially, we are proud of being the first Spa in Da Nang to study different unique therapies such as Bamboo Spa, Candle Spa which made from natural soy essence to help skin care with high efficiency. In addition, the application of 100 percents natural materials such as Herbal made from the precious medicines of Vietnam, Fresh Ginger, Hot stones are made from volcanic rocks, Lotion is combined from the flowers … The combination of Vietnamese traditional therapies, with the dedication of all Therapist who love the spa field … Therefore, we hope to provide you with unique therapies that bring high spiritual values when you arrive and experience our service at Queen Spa.


“Is a peaceful QueenSpa to unwind and rejuvenate. In order not to disturb the quiet atmosphere here, wish you to respect your privacy, go lightly, whispered”.


For sure there is room for you in QueenSpa, wish you please reserve before all spa treatments. To book, please call the reception desk, phone number: 0236.2473994. You can book in advance through the website: www.queenspa.vn.
We serve 7 days a week, including holidays, from 8:30 am to 21:00 pm.

Voucher Spa

Guests can choose gift certificates translation QueenSpa cases of special gift for relatives and friends. We will help you choose the appropriate service for your needs. for more information please call or email us queenspadn@gmail.com.

Store Map

You just take the money, valuable objects, jewelry in a bag that QueenSpa provided. Other jewelry items you can put in lockers for guests dressing area as a whole.

Drinking & Spa

Hope you do not drink alcohol before or immediately after treatment.

Department personal preferences

If you need warmer temperatures or cooler as well if that’s too strong massage movements or slightly exceed, you please remind our technicians to follow your requirements.


Through the feedback of customers, we just maintain service quality, nonetheless can not anticipate feeling your privacy. Please tell us all what can help us improve the quality of customer service, such as: massage movements need stronger, lighter needs, need more towels, increase or decrease sound the volume of the sound as well as the brightness of the light, or the service attitude of staff to serve you better not … etc.

We would welcome your feedback at any time. Other precious please fill out the customer feedback to the front room, or by telephone hotline.

Thank you!

(please booking before, to better spa service)
SERVICES (Welcome: 8:30 - 21:00)PRICE + TIME
- Body by Natural oil 60': 380.000đ (17USD) & 90': 570.000đ (26USD)
- Body by Hot stone 70': 450.000đ (21USD) & 90': 570.000đ (26USD) & 120': 760.000đ (34.5USD)
- Body by Herbal bags 70': 490.000đ (23USD) & 90': 630.000đ (28USD) & 120': 840.000đ (38USD)
- Body lotion cream 60': 420.000đ (19USD) & 90': 630.000đ (28USD)
- Body lotion cream and Hot stone 70': 490.000đ (23USD) & 90': 630.000đ (28USD) & 120': 840.000đ (38USD)
- Body Lotion Candle 60': 420000đ (19USD) & 90': 630000đ (28USD)
- Body by Bamboo & Natural oil 90': 640.000đ (28.5USD) & 120': 850.000đ (38.5USD)
- Body by Bamboo & Lotion cream 90': 680.000đ (30.5USD) & 120': 900.000đ (40.5USD)
- Body by Ginger and hot stone 90': 680.000đ (30.5USD) & 120': 900.000đ (40.5USD)
- Body Thai 70': 490.000đ (23USD)
- BODY PREGNANT WOMEN -LOTION CREAM 60': 430000đ (19.5USD) & 90': 640000đ (28.5USD)
EXTRA FOCUS BODY (with Natural oil)
- Arm & Legs 30': 220.000đ (10USD)
- Back 20': 200.000đ (9USD)
- Head, neck, shoulder 30': 240.000đ (12USD)
- Foot oil & Soak feet herbs 60': 350.000đ (16USD)
- Foot by herbal bags & Soak feet herbs 70': 430.000đ (19.5USD)
- Foot by hot stone & Soak feet ginger 70': 380.000đ (17USD)
- Foot ginger + Hot stone & Soak feet ginger 70': 430.000đ (19.5USD)
- Face Massage by Line Lovite + Mask Clay 50': 380.000đ (17USD)
- Face Massage by Lovite (No Mask) 30': 250.000đ (11.5USD)
- Face Massage by Line Ohui + Mask Clay 50': 380.000đ (17USD)
- Face Massage by Ohui (No Mask) 30': 250.000đ (11.5USD)
- Mask Clay 20': 150.000đ (7USD)
- Waxing armpit 80.000đ (3.5USD)
- Waxing arm 170.000đ (7.5USD)
- Waxing 1/2 arm 150.000đ (7USD)
- Waxing legs 290.000đ (13USD)
- Waxing 1/2 legs 220.000đ (10USD)
- Waxing back 450.000đ (20.5USD)
- Body scrubs Bamboo Powder with Lotion + Steambath 50': 380.000đ (17USD)
- Body scrubs milk lavender oil with Lotion + Steambath 50': 380.000đ (17USD)
- Extra white care 120': 800.000đ (35USD)
- Lotion smooth white body with Rice bran 90': 450.000đ (21USD)
Come and enjoy with Queen Spa!